A unique cloud-based planning system enabling cross-functional teams to navigate quickly and efficiently through the critical elements of strategy development and brand planning.

The suite transforms the entire process in a sophisticated yet simple way, providing a planning experience sufficiently powerful to achieve brand planning excellence.

Make your brand planning exceptional with Enavia.

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Planning by PowerPoint and trying to implement strategy using hundreds of off-line powerpoint presentations, sitting on individual laptops somewhere being shared via email


Cloud-based planning platforms, completed online by cross-functional teams, all over the world and accessible to multiple individuals, anywhere, anytime


Duplicated content, and powerpoint version control challenges – “who’s got the latest slide?”


Excellent, succinct planning content, designed by AvenueBio to follow the critical steps in strategic development


Slide focus, not thinking focus. Teams investing more energy in slide creation, formatting and version control than critical analysis


Quick and easy completion, utilizing pre-population tools – and no formatting required!


One-and-done plans; spending a couple of months making this year’s plans ready to present, then rarely updating or reviewing together


Continuous planning, all year round, with content kept regularly up-to-date


Impossible to compare strategy and measures. Inconsistent plans make it difficult to digest and compare plans or find specific information quickly


A sophisticated database which allows you to search for the information you need, compare plans and export reports

Benefits for Brand Team Planning Leads

Develop deeper thinking, keep one version of your best thinking and make the latest plan available to everyone, wherever they are.

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You Already Have a Great Brand Planning Process?

Even if you already have a great brand planning process which everyone feels comfortable with, AvenueBio are able to take your process and digitalize it, providing you and your teams with all the advantages mentioned above.

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Why Are AvenueBio So Passionate
About This?

Today, brand strategy development and planning is an unloved annual process of wasted energy, effort and tribal politics

Every year, cross-functional teams all over the world spend weeks developing, formatting and finalizing their Powerpoint brand plans.

We all know brand planning is a critical and valuable process, but in today’s world full of technological advances, is Powerpoint really the best tool for the job? How is it that despite the time and investment, most brand plans are generic, inefficient and we believe ultimately ineffective?

Cloud-based Brand Planning –
One Version Of The Truth

AvenueBio have developed a state-of-the-art, cloud-based planning system that navigates cross-functional teams quickly and efficiently through the critical elements of strategy development.

Gathering and evaluating the right data, in the right way, our system guides teams to develop excellent answers to key strategic questions.

This data and strategic thinking is captured and stored in the cloud – so team members can work simultaneously on one, latest version of the truth.

It is accessible at any time, from any location, and its sophisticated database enables reviewers to easily compare plans and create reports.

Strategic thinking is ineffective unless all cross-functional staff around the world can easily access it, understand it and are building their work-schedules around it.