Digitizing Pharma Brand Strategy Development and Planning

NEW: enavia

A unique cloud-based planning system offering a revolutionary way of achieving planning excellence

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Enavia: Cloud-Based
Strategy Development & Brand Planning

Say “Goodbye” to template filling in PowerPoint!
Say “Hello” to sophisticated, cloud-based planning platforms – online and accessible anytime, anywhere.


Are you launching a new product or facing new competitors?
Develop the most compelling, sustainable and actionable positioning possible.

Brand Planning &
Strategy Development

Facilitated support at every stage of strategy development, challenging your strategic thinking, creating more robust and insightful plans and finding unique strategic solutions.


Develop a customized Launch Excellence process for your organisation – or digitize the one you already have – benefiting from our experience and support at every stage.


Anticipate and prepare for future competitors – early, robustly and relentlessly.
Critique your existing plans and develop new, revised strategies

NEW: enavia
Cloud-based Brand Strategy

AvenueBio has developed Enavia the first cloud-based brand strategy approach for pharma companies.

Enavia provides an always on, globally accessible alternative to the generic and mostly ineffective PowerPoint presentations. By combining brand planning excellence with cloud-based technology, AvenueBio is revolutionizing the way pharma companies develop, refine and measure their brand strategies. Book your demo.

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Strategic Planning

Our strategy development and planning consulting services, will help you and your teams achieve strategic excellence and more business impact. We support teams to optimize and manage your brands and portfolios successfully, at a global, regional and local level.

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Benefits for Brand Team Planning Leads

Develop deeper thinking, keep one version of your best thinking and make the latest plan available to everyone, wherever they are.

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Brand Plan 360

We will review your brand plan and strategy and share our
recommendations – free of charge!

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AvenueBio are dedicated to taking pharma`s strategy development & planning processes into a digital future. We can help you and your teams build Enavia – a new, cloud-based planning process, or simply digitize any planning processes you already have.



We combine our cutting-edge technology with exceptional strategic thinking and experience. We help our clients to build and execute excellent brand strategy and sustain competitive edge by making outstanding strategic decisions.



At AvenueBio we believe ‘focus’ is critical to strategic success. We will help you to collate the right information, ask the right questions of the business and develop the right strategy which utilizes your resources most efficiently.



Only an implemented strategy is a good strategy, We focus on executability, communication success and measured implementation.



We have 30+ years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry. Our team have all held commercial roles.



We support biopharma teams at a global, regional and local level – driving excellence in both strategy development and implementation.